Women and Youth Empowerment Programme

Women and Youth Empowerment Programme

This programme is an initiative to help promote gender equality and empowerment for women and youth. We believe women if empowered, are more likely to start their own businesses, plan for life-cycle events and cope with setbacks such as sudden illness. Women with access to savings and credit are more likely to keep their children in school if the husband or bread winner of the family cannot continue due to death or other causes.

White collar jobs are not readily available for our youth, high standard of living, mass unemployment, gap in skills are some of the ugly challenges youth are faced with. Our empowerment programme coupled with access to financial and social assets is a key contributing factor to help youth make their own economic decisions to escape poverty.

Under this scheme:

We equip with requisite know-how.
We organize vocational and skill acquisition.
Entrepreneurship development programme.
Leadership development program.
Management and business support.
Counseling and mentorship.
Upon completion, we provide women and youth with seed capital.

This programme was coined to bridge the gap and provide employment opportunities to women and youth and/or other vulnerable persons who form the majority of the poor, unskilled and unemployed Nigerians thus empowering them economically and financially would give them a good head start.

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