SME Development and Support Programme (S.M.E.D.S.P)

SME Development and Support Programme (SMEDSP)

The Mission of our SME development centre is to create and sustain indigenous entrepreneurial base through promotion and support to the development of Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs).

We provide assistance to small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.
We conduct trainings on SME and funding initiatives.
We help entrepreneurs realize their dreams of business ownership and help existing businesses remain competitive in a complex, ever-changing global marketplace.
We work with a number of partners to counsel, mentor and train small businesses.
This service is targeted at small and medium scale enterprises(SMEs) in various sectors, artisans, trade associations and prospective entrepreneurs.
We provide artisans and trade associations with support and innovations.
We facilitiate business start up, expansion and resuscitation programs.
We conduct training programs and seminars on doing business in various countries.

Services for Nigerian SMEs and their Trade Associations:

Business Advisory Services.
Business & Trade Opportunities.
Connectivity with Buyers, Manufacturers and Suppliers.
Marketing and Distributorship in Nigeria and Overseas.
Identifying Investors or Business Partners.
Advocacy for SMEs at all relevant fora.
Undertaking research and studies.
International training courses on skill development.
Promoting rural micro-enterprises by counselling, motivating and conducting specific skill development programmes.
Dissemination of trade, technology and business opportunities related information.
Organising programmes for strengthening competitiveness of SMEs and their support institutions.
Organising annual international conferences on SMEs in different parts of the world on a rotational basis.
Facilitating enterprise-to-enterprise cooperation.
Identifying counsellors and specialists and arranging their services.
Facilitating study tours/exposure visits of SME promotional bodies.

Services for Overseas SMEs and their Trade Associations:

Export Business Opportunities.
Import Facilitation.
Contract Manufacturing Tie-ups with Overseas Companies.
Joint Ventures and Collaborations.
Technology Transfer and Technology Upgrading.
Business Alliance with Local Companies.
Identification of Buyers, Importers and Distributors.
Exhibition Services and Participation.
Import of Advanced Machinery, Equipment and Tools.
Marketing, Franchise and Distributorship.
Appointment of buying and selling agents.
Representation in Local Markets.

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