Lucrative Business Startup

Lucrative Business Startup

We can help you to start up the following businesses in small or large scale:

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Tuition free educational opportunities around the world(USA, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Brazil etc).

Over 1000,000 local and international scholarships Nigerians are eligible for.

Local and international internship opportunities for Nigerians (opportunities to work for multinational companies and international NGOs world wide).

How and where to physically meet with foreign manufacturers here in Nigeria and market their products.

How to start your own private school or tutorial centre business.

How to start your own investment club, credit and thrift, cooperative society.

How to start international job placement Agency.

Exporting agro allied products.

Security firm business.


Modeling agency business.

Clothing line/ fashion designing.

Arts and craft export business.

Music school(teaching your students music and how to play musical instruments).

Restaurant business.

Supermarket business.

Laundry and dry cleaning services business.

Petroleum product brokerage/marketing business.

How to make it really big( importing from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, UAE.

How to start your own sports management firm (football agents, scouting business.

Courier service business.

Recycling business( from waste to wealth).

Tissue, production business.

Commercial transport business.

Live stock farming business.

Food processing business.

Real estate business.

Guest house/ hotel business.

Travel agency business.

Shipping cargo services business.

Educational consulting business.

Snail farming.

Poultry farming.

Goat rearing.

Bee keeping and honey production.

Chalk production.

Soap production.

Marriage, relationship and dating services agency.

Entrepreneurs and investors match making business.

Become a sincere informant to law enforcement agencies and earn.

Seminar and capacity building service business.

Car wash business.

Event planning and management.

Recruiting teachers for schools.

Recruiting factory and industrial workers.

Recruiting drivers.

Domestic workers recruitment firm(maid, nanny etc).

Wellness and fitness club(weight management).

Football club.

Talent management and artiste promotion.

Record label.

Independent sales and marketing consultants to companies.

Entertainment, musical band and cultural groups(international).

Art collection and export business.

Independent sales and product promotion Agencies.

Kiddies entertainment company.

Automobile diagnostic centre.

Cat fish farming.

Money lending/ debt recovery business.

Employment readiness training.

Financial empowerment through Grants, contest and crowd funding.

Training, investment and funding opportunities for agriculturist.

Vocational directory (how to acquire high in- demand vocational and soft skills for absolutely free of charge.

Volunteer and work abroad opportunities.

Intellectual property service business.

Internet real estate business.

How to start a financial consulting business/ information marketing business.

How to legally travel abroad visa free( Europe, Asia, Oceania, South America and Africa).

Volunteer and work abroad opportunities

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