Nigerian Business Sage, Dr. Emmanuel Excel Ogbeide Featured on Nubian Enterprise | August Edition 2015, USA

Nigerian Business Sage, Dr. Emmanuel Excel Ogbeide Speaks to Stakeholders
By Rochelle Moore, Nubian Enterprise,

Nubian News, August Edition, 2015, feature the Nigerian Business Sage, Dr. Emmanuel Excel Ogbeide, CEO, Business Builders limited to speak to stakeholders in black business community in the USA and Worldwide.

With a population well over 180 million, Nigeria is one of the most populous countries in Africa and is comprised of
more than 250 ethnic groups; The top five populous and politically influential are: (1) Hausa and the (2) Fulani 29%, (3)
Yoruba 21%, (4) Igbo (Ibo) 18%, and (5) Ijaw 10%.

The youth in Nigeria make up the vast residents and represent 84% of youth ratio. Nigeria has emerged as Africa's
largest economy, with 2014 GDP estimated at US$ 479 billion. Oil has been a dominant source of government revenues
since the 1970s.

Last month, we heard from a woman business leader in the United Kingdom. This month we will explore the priceless
treasures of West Africa as brought to us from a Nigerian Business Owner.

Nubian Enterprises has had another distinctive occasion to interview an international business leader, Mr. Emmanuel
Excel Ogbeide. He is the founder and CEO of Business Builders Limited, a leading international training, consulting,
research and information based firm registered in Nigeria since 2007. He is visiting lecturer and Countries Representative of Rome Business School in Nigeria, he's and also associate fellow at Uni-Caribbean Business School.

Read more on Page 1, 4-6 of the August Edition, Volume 7, Issue 8 of Nubian News.

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